The story of AVB Translations

High-powered language partner since 1972

AVB Translations was created in 2010 by a merger between Amstelveens Vertaalburo and Translation World. Prompted by a strong sense of responsibility towards the sector and the vision that the translation sector can and must improve, the two managements brought the companies together.

The origins of Amstelveens Vertaalburo

AVB was set up by Rita van Rooij-Masoni in 1972. Rita was a famous Spanish teacher for trainee pursers at KLM, the national Dutch airline.One day the directors of KLM requested an important translation into Spanish. Since she did a very good job, KLM  subsequently requested an English translation. Bearing in mind her initial approach, she had one person carry out the translation and another person the corrections: this marked the birth of Amstelveens Vertaalburo (Amstelveen Translation Agency).

The origins of Translation World

Translation World started out in 2002. With a small circle of clients and with no other staff, two entrepreneurs and their small business set out to conquer a place in the translation sector. This agency, also based in Amstelveen, always put a strong emphasis on modern technology and ICT. And the approach paid off. Translation World not only proved its worth as an outstanding translation partner, but also grew into an all-round translation agency.

A new beginning, a new era: AVB Translations!

Today we bear the name AVB Language Group, trading under the name AVB Translations. We have a clear vision for the future, which is important for a reliable partner in translation services. In March 2011 our three directors were interviewed by the major Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf where they talked about the future of the translation sector: Breakthrough of translation machines puts text agencies on their toes (in Dutch).

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