AVB Translations, leading the way

All the world’s languages

AVB Translations is the Netherlands’ leading translation agency. The right choice for translations in all languages and in all fields. We also provide interpreting, copywriting, editing and multilingual DTP services. Please click here if you would like to receive a quote from us.

Specialised translations

AVB  Translations provides translation work and a wide range of other language services to four major client groups: government/care, corporates, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and the legal sector. We supply translations in all possible fields and in all possible languages. But we do much more, too. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a personal conversation about the many options that AVB Translations has to offer.

More than just translation

In addition to translation we provide a full range of other language services. Traditional services such as interpreting, correction, editing and copywriting, but we also offer modern services like multilingual DTP, international voice-overs, translation of content management systems, machine translation and so on.  We have solutions to all your language problems, please contact us if you are interested in a presentation on all the various options.

Translation power house

In 2011, the solid market reputation of Amstelveens Vertaalburo received a further boost through the merger with the translation agency Translation World. This agency, also based in Amstelveen, has always put a strong emphasis on modern technology and ICT. The combination of these two high-powered market players has created the most prominent and modern language service provider in the Netherlands: AVB Translations.

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